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Located in the center of Santa Cruz das Flores, in Porto Velho bathing area,
20 meters from the sea and 300 meters from the airport, Acquamarina guesthouse, offers a comfortable and affordable price option. Close to the harbor Porto das Poças, where the boats leave to Corvo.
The building is brand new and was made from scratch to provide comfort to the clients.
All rooms have private bathroom and are spacious and comfortable, with side view
to the sea or the close mountain.
In the backyard there’s a sunny green space with 100 square meters for guests' leisure and providing relaxed moments listening to sea wave sound.
There’s a souvenir shop on the ground floor where you can find all sorts
of handcrafted works.




All rooms have private bathroom, TV and Wi-Fi and have side view to the sea
or the close mountain Monte das Cruzes.
They are spacious and large enough to uphold up to 4 beds with the option
of twin or double bed and the possibilities of extra bed by request.

It is offered in a small café near us.
Welcome offering of water and handcrafted biscuits.

Cleaning Service

The rooms cleaning is daily made. Longer visits have also bed linen changed regularly. Clothe washing provided by request and small fee payment.

Equipped with hair dryer and hygiene products.
Towels are daily replaced.

On the private backyard there’s a 100 square meter green space equipped with chairs and long chaises to relax or socialize or even just sunbathing.

Used in winter time
for guests comfort.

Wi-Fi & TV
TV offers several options and Wi-Fi is free.
Password will be provided when checking in.

Behind Acquamarina there's a large public parking place.


In the Western Group of Azorean Archipelago,
Island of Flores is the most western point of Europe. 
A flake of land, with only 140 km2, where it's volcanic origin is responsible for the landscape, filled with mountains, rivers, lagoons, clear water creeks and breathtaking waterfalls, creating an intense green vegetation
and colorful flowers.

Discovered in the mid-1400s by navigator Diogo de Teive,
it was only settled in the early 1500s.
During the 16
th and 17th centuries, the island is a major strategic point of support for the Portuguese and Spanish trade ships coming from the East and the Americas, which has earned it constant arrestment from Pirates.
In the mid-1800s with the arrivel of North-American
and British whale ships, was born one of the more important whale hunting places, which thrived until
the late XX century.
Increasing search for nature activities, makes tourism
a major revenue for the island. 



Monuments & Museums
Several churches (Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Conception, Our Lady of the Rosary);
FLores Museum, Boqueirão
Whale Factory Museum.

Natural Heritage
Poça do Bacalhau, the seven Lagoons, Rocha dos Bordões, Morro Alto, Pico dos Sete Pés.

Nature Treking
Pedestrian or ATB bicycle
in Linear or circular trails,
with an array of different distances and difficulty levels.

Sea Bathing
The pleasure of diving in a pristine and crystal clear ocean is indeniable. Praia da Fajã Grande, piscinas Naturais da Fajã Grande
e Piscinas naturais de Santa Cruz das Flores.

Nautical Activities
Canoeing, Kayaking, Canyoning, Diving, Fishing, Snorkeling
and Surfing. 

Bird Watching
It is an interesting island to watch American warblers as well
as more common birds as marine birds or oceanic wanderers
or migratory.

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